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Why breakthrough the noise now?

I talk with so many entrepreneurs and get goosebumps when they speak so passionately about their business. Their passion and enthusiasm is palatable. Then I go to their website.

And most of the time, it reads as “yada yada”. Then I go look up their competitors and I get different visuals and much of the same “yada yada.” Then I go look up industry experts and get more of the same. That initial enthusiasm has now become lost in a fog that is threatening to subsume that entrepreneur’s vision and passion.

Now imagine, if that same entrepreneur had a strategic marketing advocate with expertise in product, marketing, and sales that could bottle up that passion and enthusiasm into tangible marketing assets that create brand value and drive revenue. Brand value that distinguishes the entrepreneur and gives them a sustainable competitive advantage. A comprehensive demand generation program that starts out experimenting to zero in on the right activities to drive demand and then cost effectively scales up those activities. 

At Breakthrough the Noise, we are that seasoned marketing partner that can breakthrough the noise for you. As your part-time Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), we obsess over your customers and drive relentless execution. We start out by deep diving to understand your customers, product, and growth goals. We use that to deliver clear long term strategies and tactical plans. Then we work with you to align and inspire your team so that the plans develop into a clear roadmap for execution. We work backwards from your goals to develop execution plans that are right sized for your business and don’t overwhelm your team so that successes are scaled up and failures are revised or discarded. We work with you to execute those plans with your in-house team and/or vendors. 

If you’re ready to standout from the noise, I’d love to talk with you. Get in touch!