Fractional CMO

Setting direction, managing execution, aligning team, managing budget.
Typically 1–2

Sales & Marketing Team Alignment

We'll establish a rhythm of regular touchpoints to share and learn about market feedback on messaging, sales support, leads, and funnel analysis continually adapting to achieve your growth goals.

Budget & Vendor Management

We'll evaluate, select, and manage performance of marketing vendors. Plus work with your accounting team to track and/or adjust your marketing spend.

Marketing Team Management

We'll provide the day-to-day oversight of your marketing team to improve alignment with strategy and execution to deliver results.

Management of Marketing Activities

We’ll work with your team to build your brand and execute the right marketing programs to drive results.

Board Marketing Summary

We'll prepare the marketing executive summary and dashboards for your board meetings.


Evaluations of current state along with recommendation on how to move forward for

Marketing & Sales Funnel Analysis

A deep dive into your marketing and sales funnels to determine how many leads you need to ensure your growth revenue goals. Typically 1-2 weeks.

Sales & Marketing Infrastructure Assessment

A review of your infrastructure along with a recommendation on how to scale up your sales and marketing operations to support your goals. Typically 1-2 weeks.


Marketing Assessment

During this audit, we’ll conduct a marketing survey with customers, sales, and key stakeholders plus review existing marketing assets. We’ll do an analysis of your current marketing strategy and execution. We’ll chart a roadmap based on our recommendations. Typically 1-3 weeks.

Competitive Analysis

A review of the competitive landscape and where there are whitespace opportunities. Typically 1-3 weeks.


The overall planning for growth.

Content Strategy

We'll identify the right mix of content (e.g. blog posts, ebooks, case studies, and more) to attract and engage your target audience to demonstrate your expertise. Typically 2-4 weeks.

PR Strategy

We'll identify influencers and the right mix of PR activities to most effectively tell your story and draw in your target audience to build brand awareness. Typically 2-4 weeks.

Social Media Strategy

We'll identify your social media goals to align your social media channels and activities to connect with your target audience to achieve your goals. Typically 2-4 weeks.

Pricing Strategy

We'll evaluate the competitive landscape, target market price elasticity, current market positioning, and your costs to recommend how to price your product to achieve your goals. Typically 2-4 weeks.

Demand Strategy

We'll create a plan to attract, nurture, and convert prospects-to-customers using a a variety of marketing activities to meet your goals. Typically 2-4 weeks.


Distribution Strategy

We'll develop a channel plan on the most efficient and effective strategies to get your product to your target customers. Typically 2-4 weeks.

Marketing Strategy

We’ll work with your team to identify your brand promise, target market, and set marketing goals. With that defined, we’ll establish the right marketing mix and priorities to achieve your goals and streamline the execution. Typically 1-2 weeks.

Product Strategy

We'll work with your team to develop a plan on which product to develop, which market segments to focus on, how to differentiate, price, position, and message your product(s). Typically 2-4 weeks.

Digital Marketing Strategy

We'll identify your digital marketing goals and develop a plan that uses online marketing channels for paid, earned, and owned media. Typically 2-4 weeks.


Deep dive into your customers to accelerate growth.

Customer Journey Map

We'll identify your buyer and user customer experience from first tough through to post-sales support and recommend optimizations for product, sales, and marketing. Typically 2-4 weeks.

Customer Retention Program

We'll identify specific activities to increase additional customer purchases over time and to inspire customers to become vocal advocates that evangelize your product. Typically 1-2 weeks.


Customer Segmentation

We'll work with your team to identify the optimal customer buyers and user groups that will allow you to focus your product, sales, and marketing efforts in order to scale your business efficiently. Typically 1-3 weeks.

Customer Lifetime Value

We'll determine your customer lifetime value (LTV) and make recommendations on how to adjust your marketing and customer retention programs to maximize profitability. Typically 1-2 weeks.


Deep dive into your product to accelerate growth.

Product Roadmap

We'll work with your team to define a product roadmap that clearly communicates your product vision and deliverables that will make it easy for customers to understand where you’re going and why thye should go on the journey with you. Typically 2-4 weeks.

Market Opportunity Assessment

We'll research the potential for a new product by evaluating the market landscape and competition to size up the growth opportunities so that an actionable plan can seize on the opportunity. Typically 2-4 weeks.


Buyer & User Personas

We'll create distinct economic buyer and user personas so that product development, marketing, sales, and support address the needs of your target audience. Typically 1-2 weeks.

Product Positioning & Messaging

We'll define your position in the market landscape and the key product messages to breakthrough the nosise. Typically 1-2 weeks.


The planning of marketing activities for growth.

Marketing Plan

We'll create a detailed marketing action plan for the year aligned to achieve your growth goals. Typically 1-2 weeks.

Demand Generation Plan

We'll work with your team to define a holistic, detailed lead generation plan working backwards from your revenue goals to ensure sufficient funnel coverage to meet your goals. Typically 2-4 weeks.

Digital Marketing Plan

We'll work with your team to create a multi-channel digital marketing plan that aligns with your brand and revenue goals. Typically 2-4 weeks.

Content Plan

We'll produce a comprehensive content plan and calendar that aligns with your key messages to elevate your brand awareness and attract customers to your products. Typically 2-4 weeks.

Social Media Plan

We'll pinpoint the right channels, key messages, and calendar for your social media activities. Typically 1-2 weeks.

Campaign Plan

We'll create integrated campaign plans to build your funnel and drive conversion. Typically 1-2 weeks.

Account Based Marketing Plan

We'll identify key accounts along with targeted messaging and activities aimed to broaden and deepen account penetration.
Typically 1-2 weeks.

Win/Loss Analysis

We'll conduct an independent analysis of your sales wins and losses to identify trends and provide recommendations to improve conversions.
Typically 2-4 weeks.

Case Study Development

We'll conduct in depth business and technical interviews to develop case studies that showcase your business impact.
Typically 2-4 weeks.

Event Plan

We'll identify the key events and best use of your marketing budget to raise brand awareness and drive new leads.
Typically 1-2 weeks.

PR Plan

We'll identify the key public relations activities and calendar to increase your brand awareness.
Typically 1-2 weeks.