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Michele Chambers

Michele is a product and growth focused entrepreneurial executive with over 25 years developing high growth technology startups.

Michele has built and managed startup teams and worked in Fortune 50 companies. Her depth and breadth of experience covers marketing, product management, and sales. Her guiding principle is that no one wins unless the entire team wins. Defining a strategy, aligning the team, and then moving into action to execute the plan in a repeatable and scalable fashion in the hallmark of Michele's success.

Michele learned this over the years as an executive at database and analytic companies, Amazon, Anaconda, Netezza, IBM, Revolution Analytics, MemSQL, and RapidMinder. She has driven company strategy, led product management and software development, and built high performing sales and marketing teams. Results from this experience include:

  • Increasing software downloads by 5.3X in 18 months from 3M to 16M
  • Pivoting company strategy and execution resulting in 220% YoY bookings growth
  • Adding 24 new enterprise logos and growing ASP from $19K to $73K
  • Growing MRR 5.5X and ARR by 8X
  • Increasing funnel to 5X pipeline coverage and avererage deal size by 2.8X
  • Generating 32K leads in 12 months resulting in $4.3M new bookings, $6.9M in upsell
  • Leading 50+ analyst briefings over 6 months that resulted in Gartner MQ (leader) and Forrester Wave (strong performer) placements 
  • Driving new business from $0 to $80M against $40M revenue target
  • Rebranding and repositioning multiple companies

Michele has books published by Wiley and Pearson FT Press on Big Data and Modern Analytics. Her most recent book is Breaking Data Science Open by O’Reilly.

Michele holds a B.S. in Computer Engineering from Nova Southeastern University and an M.B.A. from Duke University. Michele is naturally curious and is a lifelong learner. She loves to share her knowledge and help others to succeed.


The first time I worked with Michele, I watched in awe as she took an SAP company from fledgling to a fast growth business with 200% growth in just one year. She's an expert in B2B marketing that listens and probes before setting a strategy and moving into high gear to execute on that strategy. It was a pleasure to watch her work her magic. Now, as my fractional CMO, she has been instrumental in the launch of my new business and most importantly her work has produced a 10% conversion rate on a new product launch. I attribute this success to her 20 years of technology and product experience coupled with her business acumen. Michele has been a lifesaver and I highly recommend her. 

Lisa Patrick

Founder & CEO @ Blu Leopards

Michele is a powerhouse and fearless business leader who has deep expertise in data science space, product management, product marketing, and marketing. Her superpower is in creating and sharing the vision with the whole team, uniting the talents around her, and problem-solving when there are no easy solutions. She is one of the most hard-working executives I have ever worked with. She has constantly pushed herself and the whole team toward seemingly impossible goals—we ended up achieving them over and over again. She is also a great mentor and role model to women in technology space.

Janice Zhang


Michele's energy could power a mid-sized city if hooked up to a turbine. She's an amazing person, with great ideas and unique insights into achieving success within the technology space.



Michele Chambers is a POWERHOUSE. Be it leadership, strategy, messaging, marketing, product development, tactics and beyond, she's like a nuclear reactor that never stops putting out pure energy. Her management philosophy is rooted in high levels of performance, trust, confidence and engagement. She IS the person that wild-eyed creatives like me and thought leading professionals like you want to work with. She builds teams. She crafts brands. She recruits talent. She leads by example and she is absolutely relentless in the pursuit of success. Interested in getting to the next level? Call Michele!

Graeme Noseworthy

Team Leader @ IBM

Michele is one of the best marketing leaders I have ever worked with. She's smart, a tireless worker, is willing/able to roll up her sleeves and do the dirty work, but also is a strategic and high level thinker. She taught me many things and I enjoyed collaborating with her. 

Scott Barnett


Michele was integral to establishing our marketing function at Prefect. She brought clear, actionable advice and structure helping us craft a successful marketing strategy for our unique audience of developers. From strategy to positioning and persona work to advertising, PR, events, hiring, and more, Michele leveraged her experience to make a real impact during a time of hypergrowth when we needed it the most. 

Chris reuter

HEAD OF growth @ prefect

Michele is one of the really outstanding business people I have encountered in more than 30 years in the software business. She has a rare combination of skills: deep technical knowledge, clear strategic vision, great practical business sense, and strong leadership skills. She is also articulate, a very good writer, and a real pleasure to work with.

Lee Edlefsen

Serial Entrepreneur


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